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In 1939, thousands of Spanish republicans crowded onto Argelès Beach, fleeing from a lost war. Many met their death there. Gerardo Lizarraga survived. A photo taken by a stranger saved his life. Seven years later, he would pose with that stranger at the photographer’s wedding in Mexico. On that beach, Lizarraga did his best drawings. They also survived, although barely anyone has seen them. Like the films he played a part in or all those projects of his that flopped one by one.


Basque Country
2018 | 75 min
Bertoko Begiradak | Documental, Vasco

13 November, 18:00

Director Blanca Oria

Screenplay Juan Zapater, Blanca Oria

Editing Olga Izquierdo, Blanca Oria

Sound Josean Olaberri, Jagoba Ormaetxea, Josemi Villalba

Music Jonathan Hurtado

Production ARTYCO, JYT