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IZARO is an essay/documentary that updates a fragmented portrait of the identity, history and legacy of the island of Izaro up to the time of its diaspora. The name Izaro has germinated into power plays, into legal revindication of ownership of the island in the form of festivities that open with the throwing of a traditional tile into the sea, into the film production company Izaro Film Presenta with its own watchtower – the Windsor Tower, into girls’ and boys’ names and into one of the latest-generation tuna-fishing ships built at the Bermeo shipyard and fishing in the waters of the Indian Ocean under the flag of Seychelles.


Basque Country
2018 | 63 min
Bertoko Begiradak | Documental, Vasco

13 November, 20:00

Director Txuspo Poyo

Screenplay Txuspo Poyo y Jaime Cuenca

Editing Txuspo Poyo

Sound Cesar Ibarretxe

Music Alex Mendizabal Con El Coro Izaro De Bermeo

Cinematography Jess Pueyo, Oier Ituarte, Gabriele Perezzan, Gorka Reino

Cast "Aizpea Goenaga,izaro Ieregi, Izaro Aperribai, Alex Kabul, Ignacio Saez.

Production Txuspo Poyo, Centro Huarte, Gobierno de Navarra, Gobierno Vasco.