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LE MANS 1955

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1955. 300,000 spectators are watching from the sidelines. It is 6 PM when Pierre Levegh’s car ploughs into the spectator stands, scattering the crowd with his car engine’s hot debris. It is a tragedy that will cost more than 80 lives. And yet, the race goes on.

LE MANS 1955

2018 | 15 min
Official Selection - International Competition (Short Films) | Animación

11 November, 20:00
14 November, 09:30

Director Quentin Baillieux

Animation 3d: Geoffrey Lerus, Paul Lavau, Daniel Quintero / 2d: Leila Kaddoura, Vic Cchun

Screenplay Julien Lilti

Editing Benjamin Massoubre, Vincent Tricon

Sound Xavier Dreyfuss

Music Ali Helnwein

Production Eddy Production