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Autumn in Northern Sweden. Linn is 16 years old and finally allowed to join her father on the elk hunt. She wants to prove herself in the group of hunters, but the wilderness itself turns out to be her actual test.

2018 | 30 min
Official Selection - International Competition (Short Films) | Ficción

10 November, 22:00
13 November, 09:30

Director Sophia Bösch

Screenplay Roman Gielke, Sophia Bösch

Editing Andrea Muñoz

Sound Robert Niemeyer

Music Damian Scholl

Cinematography Aleksandra Medianikova

Cast Sofia Aspholm, 
Lennart Jähkel
, Lars T. Johansson, 
Emil Öhlén, Ingmar Virta, Ivan Mathias Petersson

Production Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF Laura Klippel, Valeria Venturelli