Uxue García, Marina Bordona, Daniel Arriaga, Charles Thorpe, Sergio Delgado, Marina Alonso
Basque Country · 2019 · 8 min
Bertoko Begiradak. Views from the Basque Country Animación


Animation Marina Bordona, Uxue García

Screenplay Marina Bordona, Uxue García, Charles Thorpe, Daniel Arriaga

Editing Daniel Arriaga, Uxue Garcia

Sound Jorge Fernández

Music Jorge Fernández

Cinematography Daniel Arriaga, Uxue Garcia

Production DigiPen Institute of Technology Europe - Bilbao



When the relationship of a victim of child trafficking and her limousine driver gets closer, he has to make a decision: keep doing his job or take action on the unfair situation she's living every day.