Aizpea Goenaga
Basque Country · 2019 · 11 min
Bertoko Begiradak. Views from the Basque Country Ficción


Screenplay Aizpea Goenaga

Editing Ignacio Arrue

Sound Néstor Urbieta

Music Ignacio Arrue

Cinematography Ignacio Arrue

Cast Aizpea Goenaga, Bárbara Goenaga, Aia Kruse, Elena Irureta, Loli Astoreka, Isidoro Fernández, Kiko Ross, Teresa Calo, Galder Pérez

Production Aizpea Goenaga - De Milagro PC



Do we decide to isolate ourselves or is it life that closes its doors? She tries to follow her routine, her friends encourage her, her daughters are with her. But there is a feeling, an intuition, something… that signals nothing is as it was before… Little by little everything is shutting down, little by little… That's it!