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Elena Molina
Basque Country / 2019 / 14 min
Bertoko Begiradak / Documental


Screenplay Elena Molina

Editing Begoña Ruiz, Elena Molina

Sound Lafdal Med Salem

Music Maitane Carballo, Fernando Martínez

Cinematography Elena Molina

Cast Larosia Moh Fadel, Jadiya Mohamed Bilal, Aziza Mohamed Lamin, Aicha Babait, Aya y Laila Jalil, Fatata Jerchi, Salca Deh, Jaruba Sidi Buyamaa, Fatimetu Andala, Zakaria Mahamed

Production Raquel Calvo


The Saharawi women face the thirst of the hamada, the curse of the desert, every day. They've built their refuge in a land where no one could survive before. For more than forty years they've been holding out and taking care of their people there.