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Iñigo Jiménez
Basque Country / 2020 / 11'
BERTOKO BEGIRADAK - Short films / Documental

Animation Unai Ruiz, Miguel Costa

Screenplay Iñigo Jimenez Bohoyo

Postproduction Zazpi T´ Erdi

Sound Oier Villar

Music Paralux, Tzesne, Iban Urizar

Cast Nora Gogorza, Conchita Bereziartua, Justi Olaizola, Ian Jimenez

Production Iñigo Jimenez Bohoyo

Distribution Playtime Audiovisuales


To my grandmother, the bridge and its river were special. She used to take me there when I was a child. Today it has become a very different place. I like to remember those days when she used to take me to the river. I leisurely take a break in the space that today is no longer what it used to be and I recreate my memories: the Amube bridge.