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    ZINEBI is committed to the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations, and forms part of the global challenge to seek common welfare with and for people, the planet and prosperity, with no one left behind.

    ZINEBI is organised by the Arriaga Theatre and Bilbao Town Hall, which in 2018 launched the Bilbao Charter of Values, at the centre of which lies, in harmony with the UN’s Agenda 2030, environmental sustainability understood as human activities to guarantee the preservation of our urban ecosystem over time. This entails efficient use of spaces and resources, proper management of waste and the encouragement of environment-friendly public conduct.

    By virtue of the Bilbao Charter of Values, ZINEBI, and the entire Town Hall, are committed to taking courses of action to raise awareness of environmental problems; a change in consumer habits and lifestyles; a more responsible, committed and solidarity-conscious attitude to our urban ecosystem; and to seeking solutions for efficient use of resources and mitigation of their effects on our city.

    As part of this course of action, ZINEBI has been certified as Erronka Garbia – Environmentally sustainable event, issued by the Basque Government’s Public Environmental Management Company IHOBE.

    The Festival’s Environmental Sustainability Plan includes ZINEBI’s environmental objectives:

    Reduce mobility-related greenhouse gas emissions (guests, general public and transportation of audiovisual material). ZINEBI fosters the use of public transport and low-emission vehicles by carriers and suppliers, and also by those directly involved in the Festival event.

    • Carbon neutrality. To achieve this, ZINEBI signs up for any means available to it to offset any emissions not prevented during the Festival. The ultimate objective is to transform ZINEBI into a carbon-neutral organisation.

    • Lower consumption of raw materials. ZINEBI has reduced the utilisation of plastic, in order to become a “0 plastic” event in the medium term. Printing has also been considerably reduced in order to cut back the utilisation of paper and cardboard.

    Selection collection of the waste generated.

    Also, pursuant to the recommendations of the FIAPF International Federation of Film Producers Associations, ZINEBI recommends that all material in relation to the screening of films at the event (digital copies, promotional material, information concerning the films) be sent by Internet. The Festival has its own film traffic server, and this has reduced postage of film material by almost 100%.