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    ZINEBI meetings

    Editing Table

    12th November
    Sala Azkuna Zentroa. Sala Bastida Aretoa

    Rhythm, Images and Bodies

    AI taught myself to direct, and because I had no idea and no money, I edited my films myself. I realised right away that it was easier to earn a living as an editor than a director, and I began renting films from the video club to count the seconds that a close-up lasted, and the seconds for a full shot, and then I rewound and counted them again. It was then I began to notice that when you change shots you can go from prehistoric times to the 20th century, that the brief time elapsing during the shots coincides with the time you take to understand the contents, and that the most important part of editing is neither of these concepts – it is in the rhythm that you could give the film shot in this way.

    Editing is in itself a kind of art. Editing creates a visual experience that conveys us to imaginary worlds and connects us to the deepest emotions.

    Female film editors have played an essential role in the film industry down through the years. Their talent and skill have made a substantial contribution to the success of many highly acclaimed directors such as Martin Scorsese or Quentin Tarantino.

    Female editors in Spanish cinema barely account for 30% of the total. Even though this is a far cry from equality, it is still a higher percentage than we might find in other specialist areas. Editing is a task that happens in a small dark room when you are alone with the director, and it entails a lot of listening and a close relationship with the other person. This is a space which is normally not properly distributed or properly thought through, which can lead to physical problems, hierarchise relations, or put an end to the dialogue. Spaces, bodies, relationships, images, rhythm, listening, order, position, chairs and plants – that’s what this encounter is all about.

    Virginia García del Pino


    Julia Juaniz
    Editor, multidisciplinary artist

    Carolina Martínez Urbina

    Ana Pfaff

    Ariadna Ribas

    Diana Toucedo
    Director, editor


    Virginia García del Pino
    Director, editor