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    ZINEBI Industry

    Soundtracks and Music Professional Meeting

    In 2020, the report of the Association of Women Filmmakers and of Audiovisual Media – CIMA estimated an 11% of women composers in our industry. Despite these figures slowly increasing, women composers are starting to gain greater visibility and recognition.

    Only twice have women won the Goya for the Best Original Music: Eva Gancedo, for La buena estrella (Ricardo Franco, 1997), and Aránzazu Calleja and Maite Arroitajauregi for Akelarre (Pablo Agüero, 2021).

    With the aim of drawing attention to and creating points of reference among young female musicians and composers, the association (H)emen and ZINEBI, in collaboration with Zineuskadi, are organising this professional meeting which will bring together, for the first time in Spain, the following prestigious professionals: