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    Cantabria-Euskadi Networking 2023

    Cantabria-Euskadi Networking 2023

    ZINEBI, focusing on one of the goals of ZINEBI Networking: Dokumentalen Sorgunea, is attempting to boost the search for co-productions between different regions and countries. For this reason, in association with Zineuskadi and the Cantabria Film Commission, it is organising a new Cantabria-Euskadi Networking encounter, in which professionals in the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country and neighbouring Cantabria can take a closer look at scenarios of collaboration between communities, to help create synergies among companies operating in the audiovisual sector that may lead to co-productions or other business opportunities.


    Ione Feijoo
    Responsible for Marketing, Communication and International Development at Basque Audiovisual

    Mar Izquierdo
    Zinema Euskaraz Programme and Grant Manager

    Victor Lamadrid
    Head of Cantabria Film Commission/h4>



    • Maije Guerrero Traviesas
    • Manuel Munguía En otro mundo
    • Nacho Solana La criatura
    • Irene Jiménez La huida
    • Ángeles Paez Frame
    • Miguel Ángel Hernáez Animales de papel


    • David Alvarez Baaldo
    • Iker Gonzalez La noche para los nocturnos
    • Luis Lagos Guarda mi secreto
    • Iñigo Sanz Mirada de tuerto
    • Jon Novas Rendijas
    • Raúl Barreras Teikdat