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    Out of water_still2 – Filip Jeleniewicz

    Out of Water Dzieci i ryby

    Gracjana Piechula

    Zosia is a 13-year-old CODA – a hearing child of deaf adults. Together with her dad she sets off to fight for her dream swimming competition, in which due to her father's oversight she is not allowed to participate. Along the way, they encounter complications that put Zosia in the role of interpreter and intermediary between her deaf father and the rest of the world. Having a voice starts to be not only a privilege for the girl, but also a burden.

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    main-La Goutte dEau – carole sionnet

    The Drop of Water La Goutte d'eau

    Carole Sionnet

    The journey of a drop of water from its cloud to the sea. This story is told in French sign language. It has been translated with drawings and is therefore accessible to deaf and hearing people in France and abroad. There is no sound, no subtitles, just your eyes and your attention to appreciate this tale in sign language.

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    Le_Sens_du_toucher_1 – Folimage

    The Sense of Touch Le Sens du toucher

    Jean-Charles Mbotti Malolo

    Chloé and Louis are secretly in love with each other. Every word is a move, every sentence is a choreography. Louis finally invites Chloé at his place for dinner, and let her in with kittens she found on the way, despite he is allergic to fur. Throughout the dinner, Louis’s dark side starts to show…

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    LEDA_still_1 – Mario Madueño

    La estafa del amor Romance Scam

    Virginia García del Pino

    We invited a group of people to a reading of the script of a movie about a man who romanced women in order to swindle them. As the reading progressed, people began to dig into their own stories. The whole thing was recorded live. The result is a shared reflection on the ideal of romantic love and the extraordinary (and not necessarily positive) influence it has on men and women.

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    Apuntes y bocetos #1

    Apuntes y bocetos (89 min)

    How far could Iván Zulueta's work go? This session contains a number of intuitive suggestions as to where it could have gone.

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    Chestnut_FS_003 – Utopia Sales


    Jac Cron

    Annie just graduated college. As she falls into an aimless summer, she finds herself entangled with Tyler, a woman she meets at a bar and Danny, Tyler's co-worker or best friend or…? Annie can never tell. The film follows Annie through a summer of self-discovery as she, Tyler, and Danny each battle for unrequited connection, ultimately helping Annie find her voice in desire and independence.

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    WDF_1.16.1 – Utopia Sales

    What Doesn’t Float

    Luca Balser

    Seven stories. One city. A disparate group of characters fill out this darkly comedic anthology of New Yorkers at their wits’ end. When the dailiness of urban life is suspended by an unforeseen conflict, each character must make a decision. While the outcomes vary, a unified sense of the city emerges: New York becomes a mirror to the ego, reflecting our true character, while the rest sink to the bottom.

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