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    Ximinoa The Monkey

    Itziar Leemans

    Basque Country - France, 2023 | 25 min | Fic.
    June finds her first summer job: taking care of Constance, a sensitive little girl who suffers from a lack of affection. The child soon learns to trust her and June gets her hopes up thinking that maybe she can be her nanny for the whole year. But just as her bond with the child grows stronger, she discovers how harsh class differences can be and what rejection can feel like.
    Technical specifications
    Itziar Leemans
    Itziar Leemans
    Gaizka Bourgeaud
    Paula Iglesias, Myriam Ayçaguer
    Irati Rodriguez
    Iñigo Etxarri, Unai Gimenez, Luca Rullo, Loïc Villiot
    Ainara Leemans, Anaïs Villiot Chantelauze , Sarah Chantelauze
    Gastibeltza Filmak
    Al Borde Films
    Esther Cabero -Kimuak,