ZINEBI – International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao, organised by Bilbao Town Hall, will be awarding a Mikeldi of Honour award to film critic and journalist Félix Linares, in recognition of a long professional career that goes well beyond his appearances on TV in ETB’s famous La noche de… programme – no fewer than 1,500, during which he demonstrated such an active interest in cinema.

The trophy will be awarded during the 65th ZINEBI Festival’s opening ceremony, this Friday at 19:30 h in the Arriaga Theatre, led for the second year running by María Goiricelaya and Ane Pikaza (La Dramática Errante).

Félix Linares, along with Bilbao Town Hall Culture and Governance Councillor, Gonzalo Olabarria, and the director of ZINEBI, Vanesa Fernández Guerra, talked to the media this morning.

After 28 years without a break on the airwaves, this year Félix Linares left his slot as presenter of the ETB programme La noche de… The ZINEBI festival award seeks to acknowledge a long professional career which led him to work at Radio Popular between 1966 and 1984, when he joined Radio Euskadi. Since then his professional career has been closely linked to programmes such as Pompas de papel (which he directed along with Kike Martín) and Iflandia, broadcasts featuring cultural information and critiques. Although he has now given up his slot as presenter of La noche de…, Linares continues to work for the company he has been with for almost forty years, Radio Euskadi, and also on a YouTube channel, where he still posts videos of his critiques of new films, television series, comics and books.

This is ZINEBI’s way of adding its appreciation of the successful transmission of his love of cinema to all kinds of audiences.

Along with Félix Linares, Frederick Wiseman and Rita Azevedo Gomes will also be collecting the Mikeldi of Honour awards at the 65th ZINEBI Festival.