ZINEBI – International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao – organised by Bilbao Town Hall – is hosting the presentation of the film Manolo Kabezabolo (Si todavía te kedan dientes es ke no estuviste ahí), directed by Huesca filmmaker J. Alberto Andrés Lacasta and produced by Du Cardelin Studio.

The film, which can be seen tomorrow Wednesday 15 November at 20:00 h in the Sala BBK, has arrived in Bilbao following its world premiere at the 21st In-Edit Festival in Barcelona, in the Panorama Nacional section. It has been scheduled in ZINEBI’s Bertoko Begiradak – Views from the Basque Country section for short films and documentaries with Basque reality as the central theme, and this year the section contains 20 shorts and 6 feature films.

Following a screening this morning for journalists at Golem Alhóndiga, the film’s director J. Alberto Andrés Lacasta and the subject of the film, Manolo Kabezabolo, met the media afterwards.

The film, which is backed by the Zaragoza Provincial Council, Zaragoza Town Hall and Aragón TV, presents Manuel Méndez, better known as Manolo Kabezabolo, a punk artiste who, in a rather implausible scenario, has moved through time, space and a range of fashions, without losing sight of his essences and principles, to become a countercultural icon.

The artiste in this story is accompanied by Albert Plá (singer), Kutxi Romero (singer with Marea), Evaristo Páramos (singer), Cristina Morales (writer), Santi Ric (former representative), Kike Turrón (musician and music reporter), Kike Babas (singer and writer), Nacho Tajahuerce (poet), Rakel Winchester (singer), Manolo Monzón (former manager), Jaume AOS Sanuy (former road manager), Jaume Esteve (former manager), Rafa Trigos (former representative), Pilar Albiac (road manager) and Fernando Madina (singer with Reincidentes).

The film’s director has admitted that “Manolo Kabezabolo forms an indissoluble part of my youth, and I grew up listening to him and going to his concerts, I knew all about his urban legends, his outrageousness and also all his poetry, and that was what turned me into one of his lads for good, right up to the present day. Meeting up with him again after almost thirty years and swapping secrets as we move towards the future is still an astounding experience”.


Tomorrow, Wednesday 15 November, ZINEBI presents the forum Documentary Films, Documentary Series and Platforms, a professional event to reflect on the space occupied by documentary cinema on various State audiovisual content platforms.

It will kick off with a showcase in which director Elías León Siminiani will be explaining his experience in documentary series: for example, El caso Asunta: Operación Nenúfar (2017, for A3Media) and El caso Alcàsser (2019, for Netflix) and his upcoming work: El circo de los muchachos (2023, for Amazon Prime Video). Afterwards, representatives of various platforms and televisions (EITB Primeran, Filmin, RTVE and Movistar, among others) will take part in a round table moderated by ECAM’s Coordinator of International Seminars and Encounters, Cecilia Barrionuevo.

By way of a new feature this year, ZINEBI will be extending its screenings to the free digital platform EITB Primeran, to offer all members of the public a selection of Basque-produced films, already screened at the Festival in previous years. This year ZINEBI has also maintained its special collection on the audiovisual content platform FILMIN, with dozens of films already screened at previous Festivals.


ZINEBI’s Working with (and from) the archives, tomorrow at 16:30 h in Azkuna Zentroa (Sala Bastida), sets out to publicise and showcase the work of organisations which classify, research and retrieve audiovisual heritage material.

It will be attended by the director of Filmoteca Española Valeria Camporesi; the co-curator of A/Z Zulueta Inédito Miguel Fernández Labayen; the main researcher on the joint research project with the Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (EQZE) in the ZINEBI deposit at Filmoteca Vasca, Santiago Aguilar; filmmaker and academic director of EQZE Carlos Muguiro; coordinator of the San Sebastián Film Festival archive project Pablo La Parra Pérez; and Pablo Maravi and Libe Belandia, representing the research project VideoFlux (UPV/EHU – University of the Basque Country), focusing on the Basque videoart audiovisual archives.

After the event, participants will be able to watch the last programme in the A/Z Zulueta Inédito cycle, number 7. Apuntes y bocetos. With a running time of 89 minutes, this programme ponders on how far Iván Zulueta’s work could have gone, through a number of intuitive suggestions as to the direction his career could have taken.

The seventh programme features the following works:

  • Kodak Virg Virg
  • Chicago 1980
  • ReyesEtcAcuariumVersionCompleta (c. 1975)
  • Fuegos Artificiales Foco Proyector apto. Con Burbana avispa bombilla filamento Poti (1971-1976)
  • Materiales originales de Amalgama (c. 1975)
  • Nenes (c. 1972)
  • Cine Album Kodak 6 (1969-1975)
  • TitulosMiEgoEsta RefilmacionIrureta IRURETA REMAKE MAL (1975-1987)