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    Poster: Happyending Studio.

    Each year, presentation of the Festival image constitutes the event’s starting point for subsequent publication of details of the ZINEBI programme. The path towards viewers begins there, and in the case of the image of the 64th Festival the Happyending studio focused on a very specific feature of audiovisual creation, which is also a reference to beginnings: test cards, and colour/focus calibration cards. Here we are talking about what precedes audiovisual content.

    From these iconic images Ángela Alonso and Elena Perea proceed to steal away a universe of geometric shapes, basic colours and motifs enabling them to create an eminently recognisable visual language, in a bid to bring the craft of those who work in audiovisual creation to the Festival this year.

    Although this may not be its only principle, the essence of ZINEBI has always contained a search for innovation, for experimentation, different ways of approaching issues already well known to us, or issues which require focus to find out more about them: issues that may interest, inspire or disturb our society. This is why the Happyending Studio graphics project is based on two pillars: formal experimentation with graphic features homing in on aesthetics; and a focus on narrative concerns (as a basic element for reflection in times of simplistic discourses) in collective audiovisual concept libraries through small visual shorts conveying the short films that are the backbone of the event.

    Happyending Studio.

    <Ángela Alonso and Elena Perea founded Happyending Studio in 2012. It is an independent creative studio based in Bilbao, specialising in graphic design, illustration and artwork.

    Both of them are Fine Arts graduates: the former worked on the executive programme on “Design and expansion of businesses in the creative sector” at the European Design Institute, and was responsible for the design and conceptualisation of spaces such as the Basque Country stand at Expo Zaragoza and the Interpretation Centre for the Segovia Aqueduct, among other projects; the latter completed her studies at London’s UAL and the Cake Design studio in Paris, before working as graphic designer for customers such as Hennessy, Le Royal Monceau, Roger Pradier, McDonald’s and Azkuna Zentroa, among others.

    Happyending Studio joins the list of Vizcaya designers that have been creating the image of the International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao in recent years, featuring Rebeka Arce, Eider Corral and Susana Blasco.