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    Official selection
    Short Film International Competition

    A012C006_230120_B29B.mxf_1.6.12 – Ismael Martin

    Agrio Sour

    David Pérez Sañudo

    The shop sales have decreased since they were unjustly accused of selling a meringue in bad condition. Therefore, Mentxu organizes a surprise party to her sister Laura, responsible for the establishment. However, what seemed like a support meeting does not develop as expected. The surprise party becomes an exercise of trust.

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    Captura Azadi (1) – UAB – Máster Documental Creativo


    Lily-Eileen Uxía Baker Föhring, Juan Luis Ortega Navarrete, Luciana Espinoza Hoempler

    Sarah, an Iranian woman banned from her own country, participates from afar in the women's liberation movement. Through phone calls, she speaks with her loved ones and learns about the harsh reality of the conflict in Iran.

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    Composition of existing experiences (1) – Anna Waszczuk

    Composition of Existing Experiences Kompozycja z przeżyć istniejących

    Joanna Szlembarska

    The couple spends the night together. The woman moves freely around the apartment, the only interior inaccessible to her is her partner's painting studio. The clean monochromatic interior of the apartment, the abstract blood-colored paintings and the soft morning light are at once filled with calm and uncertainty.

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    Criss Cross 1 – Simona Hrusovska