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    Views from the Basque Country
    Short Films

    1. BALLENAS still carrera 300 – Andrea Jaurrieta Bariain

    Ballenas aplastadas por el hielo Ice Crushed Whales

    Andrea Jaurrieta

    Year 2015. 7 years after the 2008's global economy collapse, five friends—almost in their thirties, still have to work in all kind of precarious jobs, live in infamous apartments or even move back in with their parents, while trying to create a theatre play. Another 7 years later and at the gates of a new crisis—or immersed in a crisis that never ends—the images of that precariousness and those illusions have become something poetic, specular reflections of our present.

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    Captura3_1920 – DigiPenBilbao Games

    Conej Steps Out La gran cita de Conej

    Pablo Río

    Conej wants to give his girlfriend Claire the best gift in the world for their date, so he builds a rocket to take her to space; a truly unusual plan. That is why Conej will have to work very hard to persuade Claire to accept to go with him to the moon in a great and sidereal trip through the cosmos and beyond.

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    Captura 2 – Johnny Barrett


    David Ontoria

    Malik is an adopted child that suffers racist harrasment and bullying in his school. Maider is his only friend but she also turns her back on him. Malik's parents will try to help him change his situation, but Malik just wants his friend back.

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    Contadores_01 – Kimuak Filmoteca Vasca

    Contadores Counters

    Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe

    1978. While talks are going on for a new agreement in the metal industry, a group of libertarian militants encourage their fellow factory workers to defend their radical position. Meanwhile, they watch in dismay as the workers’ movement becomes fragmented.

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    Deadly Draw Sorteo mortal

    Nitya López

    Watching the street from the window, Caroline jumps when she hears the sound of keys; it's Nathan, her husband. He's got his hands on a lottery ticket that belonged to a dead girl. They argue as to whether it is right to cash it in. Nathen tries to convince her...

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    Still 1 Dena asmatuta dago

    Dena asmatuta dago Everything Is Invented

    Jone Arriola Lobete

    A pink old-aesthetic bathroom. In the middle of it stands a bathtub where two young men relax while smoking a joint. As the joint takes effect, they begin to philosophise about the origin and creation of the elements, until the conversation turns in to more personal topics.

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    fotograma02-300ppp – Bertol Arrieta

    Ez dakit zergatik kontatzen dizudan hau orain I Don't Know Why I'm Telling You This Now

    Bertol Arrieta Kortajarena

    Jon returns home after a long time. There, his father has a message for him. This short film speaks about the lack of communication between members of the same family, but also about the effects of war and the risk of passing these from generation to generation.

    More information – Iñigo Gaya Noriega


    Iñigo Gaya Noriega

    Come and get lost in Gomorra, a bustling, colourful world, and harsh and savage too, where only the strongest survive. In this rugged world with its changing backdrops you have to tread very carefully indeed, because it's eat or be eaten around here, and your next step could be your last. Keep your eyes wide open to take stock of the many and varied fauna and flora around Gomorra, and allow all your senses to enjoy its scenarios brimming over with life. What crazy creatures await you? Will they be harmless? Probably not.

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    CARTEL_INSTINTO – Alicia Albares

    Instinto Instinct

    Teresa Ochagavía

    Celia is a ballet dancer. She lands the main role of the play "The Nutcracker" after a hard casting process. Not only did she receive this good news but she also discovers she is pregnant. Her partner, Álvaro, dreams about being a father. However, this is not compatible with Celia's career right now.

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    1 – Aitor Irulegi


    Aitor Irulegi

    Kusikozu (“You'll see” in Basque). Intense experimental short film based on traditional animation. The stroke of the ink drawing is important. This animation is a changing drawing, it is not the narration of a story. In the transformation of the drawing certain elements will be mixed: abstract drawing, human figure, animals and elements of nature, trees and landscape. The cycle of life and death will take place on this journey.

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    LUCIA_MASTER_4K_F-185_24_01_01_23_00 – Alicia Albares


    Marta Etura

    Lucía and her three friends are teenagers. Today they have in their hands, as a result of chance, some invitations to a party that will make them experience a very exciting and magical night. But far from that, destiny has prepared something very different for Lucía, something that will change her life.

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    still LDN_1 – Films On the Road

    Lugar de nacimiento Place of Birth

    Mikel Bustamante

    Adele is a 15-year-old girl who is running away from her home country. For this she must make a very hard trip and face nature, human injustice and the purest loneliness. Four Western friends will cross her path.

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    Malkoak_01 – Ismael Martin

    Malkoak Tears

    Sonia Estévez Fernández

    A tear from a child, Malko, tells us that it does not always come out equally from the eyes of the child to which it belongs. Depending on the reason that causes the child's crying, the tear has a different appearance, in particular, she dresses differently. The child likes its tears on all occasions and the tear likes all its forms.

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    Still 1 Pelikula baten bila- Nerea Sciarra

    Pelikula baten bila

    Lara Izagirre Garizurieta

    A group of actresses and a director living in a house under construction for a week. Improvised fictions, karaoke and cinema. The search for a film as an improbable goal. Sorority, laughter and collective creation to invent a film-experience about the craft and the creation process of this group of women.

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    Tamara Lucarini Cortés

    Ane and Andrea have sex and an enormous thirst and while outside life continues, they want to go on, they don't want to stop until they are together once and for all. They kiss and screw to the limits of their energy, until outside care has to come to the rescue.

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    retratodeunafamilia1 – María Fontán

    Retrato de una familia A Family Portrait

    María Fontán

    The youngest member of the family moves away. Between trips back and forth to its hometown, a collection of voicemails and homemade videos draw the portrait of a family that faces the death of one of its members.

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    Sisifo_f – Xabier Eizaguirre

    Sísifo Sisyphus

    Xabier Eizaguirre

    The legend tells that Sisyphus was condemned by Zeus to live in the underworld for deceiving death and the gods. His punishment was to push a huge stone up a mountain over and over again. Every time he reached the top, the rock would roll back down in an endless loop. Again and again. Hades, the king of the underworld, sent his dog, Cerberus, to guard Sisyphus and prevent him from escaping. Cerberus would ensure his eternal sentence. This short film provides a science fiction perspective on this myth.

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