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    ZINEBI 64

    ZINEBI 64

    Official selection – Short Film International Competition

    ZINEBI Grand Award

    Todas mis cicatrices se desvanecen en el viento (All My Scars Vanish in the Wind)

    Angélica Restrepo, Carlos Velandia (Colombia, 2022 | 14′ | ANI)

    “An innovative and surprising piece of animation, taking viewers on a journey through time, the space and sound of landscapes in the memory, guiding us through painful memories dissolving around us.”

    Grand Award of Basque Cinema

    Wild Flowers

    Karla Crnčević (Basque Country – Croatia, 2022 | 11′ | DOC)

    ” A fully-rounded work, where brutality and tenderness team up to build a deeply sensorial narrative, with precise use of resources as its most striking feature.”

    Grand Award of Spanish Cinema

    Olores (Smells)

    Alba Esquinas (Spain, 2022 | 10′ | DOC)

    “A fully-rounded work, where brutality and tenderness team up to build a deeply sensorial narrative, with precise use of resources as its most striking feature.”

    Mikeldi for Best Fiction Short Film


    Nikita Diakur (Germany – France, 2022 | 12′ | FIC)

    Backflip tosses us into an abyss through comedy, immersing us in the fiction of an overwhelming reality: the virtual avatar of a human being incessantly attempts a backflip, demonstrating pain, failure, discouragement, and learning through mistakes. This is a comical and also painful film with which spectators can inevitably identify. All of us are that wretched figure: its ridiculousness, its pain and its perseverance are ours.”

    Mikeldi for Best Documentary Short Film

    Balls (Lopte)

    Gorana Jovanović (Serbia – Slovenia, 2022 | 22’| DOC)

    “The tiny details of Balls show us the powerful links between football, war and politics. With some excellent camera and lighting work, the film maintains a latent tension concealing the violence and oppression in male spaces. The film has a mantle under which we can glimpse its context: the patriarchy and the non self-aware claustrophobia it drags along behind it.”

    Mikeldi for Best Animation Short Film

    Searching Heleny (Cadê Heleny?)

    Esther Vital García (Spain – Brazil, 2022 | 29′ | DOC/ANI)

    “Using a technique with close links to the very history of resistance it recounts, the short film alternates the use of soft, tactile materials, apparently innocent, with the reconstruction of events brimming over with violence and brutality. An exhaustive piece of research and development using a specific technique to show what could not have been shown any other way.”

    EITB Audience Award

    Searching Heleny (Cadê Heleny?)

    Esther Vital García (Spain – Brazil, 2022 | 29′ | DOC/ANI)

    Short Film International Competition Jury Anca Caramelea, Hilke Doering, Juan Soto, Sabina Urraca, Begoña Vicario

    FAS Cineclub Award

    Espera y sedimento (Hold On & Sediment)

    Tana Garrido Ruiz (Basque Country, 2022 | 13′ | DOC)

    UNICEF Award

    Son of the Sun (Atasinin Balasi)

    Dastan Madalbekov (Kyrgyzstan, 2022 | 17′ | FIC)

    “UNICEF has decided to give its award to the short film Son of the Sun, by director Dastan Madalbekov because it addresses children growing up in loneliness, bereft of the protection and affection of a family or those who are their nearest and dearest.”

    Isidro Elezgarai Esteban, UNICEF Chair-Basque Country Committee

    European Film Awards 2023 Short Film Candidate


    Jonatan Schwenk (Germany, 2022 | 4′ | ANI)

    “The film is a song of praise to the magic of cinema and beauty which needs no message or metaphor to strike a chord. It stands out as a reminder, not to forget that sometimes the prevalence of the enigma and inexplicable fascination can be beautiful.”

    International Competition

    ZIFF Grand Award


    Theo Montoya ( Colombia – Romania – France – Germany, 2022 | 72′ | DOC)

    “Not only we fell in love with each of its overwhelming characters; not only we fell in love with its brilliant poetic structure; not only we fell in love with its spectacular formal hybridity and inventiveness; but we also fell in love with the many artistic promises that spring from this magnificent film. Long live Colombian cinema!”

    ZIFF Special Mention

    Nuestra película

    Diana Bustamante (Colombia – France, 2022 | 74’ | DOC)

    “For her brave insight into Colombia’s historical reality, with some brilliant editing for utilisation of the images to take us to a new dimension of remembrance of and respect for the victims of violence.”

    ZIFF – ZINEBI First Film International Competition Jury Nicole Brenez, Carlos Marañón, Marta Popivoda

    ZIFF Youth Jury Award (UPV/EHU)

    How to Save a Dead Friend

    Marusya Syroechkovskaya (Sweden – Norway – France – Germany, 2022 | 103′ | DOC)

    “Director Marusya Syroechkovskaya portrays her relationship with her life partner, Kimi. The idea of bringing back her soul mate from the void culminates in a film which opens up to viewers like an old newspaper. Through the medium of personal records with home-movie aesthetics as a summary of ten years of archive material, we delve into their story and the story of an entire generation. The film shows sensitive contemplation of those moments during the day, apparently insignificant, but which, from the perspective of time and death, come across as immense. There is an astounding quality in the images, the work on sound, and the irony used to address issues such as suicide and drug addiction. Along with the music of Joy Division and Nirvana, the film is a time capsule for a moving story which poses some major questions on the essence of life.”

    ZIFF Youth JuryJulia Rodríguez Amunarriz, Catalina Uriarte Baztan, Camila Macedo Belon, Elene Larrinaga Bilbao, Garazi Mendieta Eizaguirre, Gabriel Jose Quiñones Espinal, Emmanuel Aaron Vásquez Espinoza, Iñigo Zulueta Fernández, Maialen Molinuevo Galisteo, Sigrid Gallardo, Nahia Arzamendi García, Mireia Eunate Martínez Gastón, Amaia Gil, Maitane Aguerre Iparraguirre, Ainara Rodil Jaime, Ane Martínez Juez, María Sampedro Laca, June Oscoz Larrañaga, Iraia Mendoza Larrea, Endika Gómez López, Kevin Lajas López, Daniel Rodríguez Miguel, Ane Cuesta Monge, Aitor Abio Moro, Iratxe Ugartetxea Muelas, Marcos Huedo Parres, Belén Pascual, Marc Moragues Pastor, Noemi Graciano Relloso, Sandra Apausa Sánchez, Ivana Coca Turiel, Ekaitz Vargas, Iker Gutiérrez Zamakona


    ZINEBI Networking EITB 2022 Award

    Zikuñagako ama

    direction Pello Gutiérrez Peñalba | producer Iñaki Sagastume | production Zazpi T’erdi

    “Because it comes up with a relevant question for us – Why do we attach more importance to an original image? Because it is a local story with a universal projection. Because the docu-thriller genre may gain it a wider audience. Because of the clarity of the concept and a splendid presentation.”

    ZINEBI Networking Euskadi Jury Gloria Bretones (Begin Again Film), Zaida Carmona (Filmin), Ainhoa González Sanchiz (Creativa Desk Media Euskadi), Noé Mendelle (Scottish Documentary Institute), Aintzane Pérez del Palomar (EITB – Euskal Irrati Telebista), Joana Sousa (DocLisboa)

    ZINEBI Networking 2022 Award

    Elena dio a luz un hermoso niño

    direction Chiara Marañón, Juan Soto | producer Ricard Sales, Luis Ferrón, Sandra Tabares-Duque | productionLaCima Producciones

    “Because it is a family story, and universal at the same time. Because of the portrayal of Spain through in-depth historical research. Because it retrieves interesting archive images Because it is an encounter between History and story The jury expects to see a different way of using archives and editing in films”

    ZINEBI Estate’s Networking Jury Lya (Asian Shadows), Anette Dujisin (Filmin Portugal), Elena Mera (Treeline), Ana Peláez (Televisión Española), Charlotte Serrand (La Roche-sur-Yon International Film Festival)

    Aukera Awards

    Aukera-(H)emen Award


    Maren Zubeldia

    Aukera-Artistic Creation Award

    87 hadas

    Beatriz de Silva

    Aukera-Artistic Creation Special Mention

    Komando Marmitako

    Uxue Botas, Ane Nafarrate

    Aukera-Bizkaia Council Award

    Komando Marmitako

    Uxue Botas, Ane Nafarrate

    Aukera JuryLara Izagirre Garizurieta, Nagore Eceiza, María Jesús Diez Sota