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Cinema is usually said to be a collective art. In my second year as the director of ZINEBI, I would like to point out that, for the same reasons, each year of a festival is also a collective task, teamwork, performed by committed, enthusiastic, film-loving men and women in pursuit of the same thing: on the one hand, to reflect on stylistic trends, ways of doing things and the image of the world that underlies independent cinema and of quality that is produced on the five continents; secondly, to present this reflection to the men and women of—and visitors to—Bilbao through solid, coherent programming in an atmosphere of critique and specialisation, for which it is essential that our spectators have the unique experience every year of meeting and talking to the people who make these films about the whys and the wherefores of the images they are showing before our eyes and in the face of our sensitivity.

In achieving these two goals, the ZINEBI team—which I am very proud to head up and, above all, to form part of—does not wish to forget anybody or anything: we must not forget that this competition has a long history behind it, but also a bright future ahead; we do not overlook, quite the contrary, the fact that one of our fundamental obligations is to contribute, through our own particular area, to the development of creation and of the audiovisual industry in Bilbao, Biscay and the Basque Country; we are very aware that a love of film imagery and the consideration of its potential for forging a community of free and equal citizens are things that are learnt from childhood; we are not oblivious to the knowledge that, looking towards a future of full and natural gender equality, we must renew our will to lend visibility to and support the work done by women in cinematographic production in different countries, not just by directors but also in each of the professional sectors that make up this singular trade. These are, I believe, the main missions of a festival such as ZINEBI.

Some very intense days lie ahead of us and we are really looking forward to them, because our festival is maintaining its commitment to film and filmmakers who, in turn, are committed to the realities of the world in which we live… And because we have a great team, people who pour their heart into everything they do.

Vanesa Fernández Guerra
Director of ZINEBI

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