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    Ein_Schöner_Ort_02 – Kath Hub

    A Good Place Ein schöner Ort

    Katharina Huber

    The chickens are suspicious, the relationships are dubious and businesses are shady. Margarita and Güte are stuck in their stagnant and unhealthy rural village. But they can‘t decide whether to leave the place or to change it. Meanwhile people are disappearing, the radio is sending messages and the world is awaiting the launch of the space shuttle Columba that will take humans to the edge of the solar system. "But out there is nothing" says someone at the dinner table.

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    A la Sombra de la Luz_08_ 00_23_51 (2) – Eme G

    A la sombra de la luz

    Ignacia Merino Bustos, Isabel Reyes Bustos

    In a small town in Chile, rural life deals with the electric grid that provides power to the rest of the country. A child ventures out among hundreds of transmission towers and thermoelectric power plants and giving himself over to chasing rabbits. In the darkness, the threatening presence of the large-scale industrial complex reveals the workings of an unequal system.

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    1. ASONGSUNGBLUE_24_1.44.1 ©The Seventh Art Pictures

    A Song Sung Blue 小白船

    Zihan Geng

    Liu Xian will always remember the loneliest and bluest of summers when she was 15. After her mother has to go abroad for work, Xian is thrown into the care of her father, a free-spirited photographer, who she has barely seen since her parents’ divorce. He’s struggling financially and is fooling around with his assistant who has an 18-year-old daughter, Mingmei. Soon, Mingmei appears like a ray of shining light to Xian. During this restless summer, the conflict between the innocence and the impulses of youth will leave an indelible mark on Xian…

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    A012C006_230120_B29B.mxf_1.6.12 – Ismael Martin

    Agrio Sour

    David Pérez Sañudo

    The shop sales have decreased since they were unjustly accused of selling a meringue in bad condition. Therefore, Mentxu organizes a surprise party to her sister Laura, responsible for the establishment. However, what seemed like a support meeting does not develop as expected. The surprise party becomes an exercise of trust.

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    Captura Azadi (1) – UAB – Máster Documental Creativo


    Lily-Eileen Uxía Baker Föhring, Juan Luis Ortega Navarrete, Luciana Espinoza Hoempler

    Sarah, an Iranian woman banned from her own country, participates from afar in the women's liberation movement. Through phone calls, she speaks with her loved ones and learns about the harsh reality of the conflict in Iran.

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    Chestnut_FS_003 – Utopia Sales


    Jac Cron

    Annie just graduated college. As she falls into an aimless summer, she finds herself entangled with Tyler, a woman she meets at a bar and Danny, Tyler's co-worker or best friend or…? Annie can never tell. The film follows Annie through a summer of self-discovery as she, Tyler, and Danny each battle for unrequited connection, ultimately helping Annie find her voice in desire and independence.

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    Composition of existing experiences (1) – Anna Waszczuk

    Composition of Existing Experiences Kompozycja z przeżyć istniejących

    Joanna Szlembarska

    The couple spends the night together. The woman moves freely around the apartment, the only interior inaccessible to her is her partner's painting studio. The clean monochromatic interior of the apartment, the abstract blood-colored paintings and the soft morning light are at once filled with calm and uncertainty.

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    DT_FRAMES_FEV2023_1.1.4 – Portugal Film

    Dildotectonics Dildotectónica

    Tomás Paula Marques

    In this day and age, Rebeca attempts to create a collection of non-phallic ceramic dildos. During the Inquisition, Josefa finds a dildo that is used in their forbidden love relationship with Maria. Although in different timelines, the paths of Rebeca and Josefa end up crossing each other.

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    elsoldao_1 – Lastor Media Polvo Serán

    El soldao

    Alejandro Cabrera

    Portrait of Francisco, migrant of Andalucía, who, every year, returns to his hometown at Cordoba. This time the family home awaits, empty since his mother died. An intimate and personal story where we look into rural depopulation while trying to find out how the places that exist only in our mind influence us.

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    Entre las sombras arden mundos Worlds Burning Amid the Shadows

    Ismael García Ramírez

    Ramona, a woman who has just left home, wanders into a distant neighborhood of high-rise buildings and lush weeds. There she is reunited with her son, and in search of shelter, she takes refuge in him and the friends who accompany her. The woman spends the night with the group of perspiring youths, inhabiting the darkness in packs, summoning fires of joy and protection.

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    IMG_1 – Grannola


    Lucie Grannec

    A dolphin in free relationship with fifteen inflatable animals, a fox crazy in love with a cereal mascot, a frog practicing inflation in a latex suit at the municipal swimming pool… The furry fandom is a predominantly Anglo-Saxon community very present on the web, characterized by practices of adoration, identification, and artistic creation around zoomorphism.

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    01 – Federico Fasulo

    Girls Le fenne

    Giulia Di Maggio

    At 10 years old, Clarissa already feels grown up, but she soon discovers she’s still missing something to be considered a woman. So begins Clarissa’s intimate, turbulent journey as she tries to uncover the secret the women in her village are hiding. But only after losing herself does Clarissa discover what it really means to become an adult.

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    Andrei Stefan Răuțu

    A dinner in the backyard serves as an opportunity for a married couple to communicate their thoughts regarding the inevitable divorce. With each sip of beer and with each bite of the fresh bruschetta, emotions gain ground against the sober intellect. Their daughter comes in a flash and surprises her parents in a portrait of a perfect family. How are they going to tell her about the separation?

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    InANeabryField-Still.04 – M_W Festivals

    In a Nearby Field

    Laida Lertxundi, Ren Ebel

    A man, a woman and their young daughter live together in an apartment in the Basque Country. Domestic chores and everyday gestures are superimposed onto lush, green landscapes. The filmmakers and their stand-ins reinterpret fragments of a diary. Music fills the house while children's drawings come to life. Combining quiet observation and moments of fantasy, This is a film about support, heredity and the invisible little labors which sustain us.

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    Kinderfilm_5 – Alexander Gratzer


    Total Refusal Colective (Adrian Jonas Haim, Robin Klengel, Michael Stumpf)

    It's an ordinary day in the game Grand Theft Auto V. The streets are crowded with cars, people follow their routines, barbecue in their gardens or sunbath on the beach. And yet the game world is marked by a grave absence: a missing future that was suspended out of safety concerns. Unable to name the void, protagonist Edgar follows the traces of what is missing in the algorithm of his reality. Exploring the uncanniness of his normality, he rediscovers a beautiful yet nightmarish world.

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    Margarethe 89

    Lucas Malbrun

    Leipzig, 1989. Margarethe, a young punk opposed to the East German regime, is detained in a psychiatric hospital. She dreams of breaking out to join the man she loves - a punk musician named Heinrich. Though the regime's days may well be numbered, the Stasi informants are more present than ever.

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    Image2 – Mailuki Films

    Memories of an Empty House Memórias de uma casa vazia

    Bruno Carnide

    1990 was the year the first letter was written. Through the writings of a broken woman, from this letter and the others that followed, the puzzle of a fragmented mind is built. Clinging to the memories that haunted and comforted her, she tries to rebuild her broken identity, confessing her most secret thoughts to the great loves that she has lost: her husband and her daughter.

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    Memoires du Bois_4©GREC_Theo Vincent – Théo Vincent

    Memories of Vincennes Mémoires du Bois

    Théo Vincent

    The Bois de Vincennes. The ruins of a colonial exposition building where strange voices and old images slumber that no one wants to revive. Yet Moussa has only one obsession: to keep close to him his friend whose lifeless body has returned to Senegal.

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    NOCTURNO_1.3.1 – Portugal Film

    Nocturne for a Forest Nocturno para uma floresta

    Catarina Vasconcelos

    In the 15th century, in Portugal, a group of monks built a wall around a forest and prevented the entry of women. But the hands of the living cannot control everything: in the invisible world, where night reigns and only souls light up the forest, women have built their kingdom of invisibility, without walls.

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    Oliver_the_Giant_still_2 – Máté Dózsa

    Oliver, the Giant Oliver az óriás

    Júlia Lantos

    Oliver, the Giant lives on a little planet. In his perception, the whole world is his playground, where he can do what he wants. While he is living his trivial life, the little humans become preoccupied with another matter of greatest importance: building a sun clock so they can connect with the universe. This fully disturbs Oliver's life. Starting with the growling sound of the universe, the appearance of a big shadow, he recognize his own pettiness.

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    Playland_Ensemble_WEB – Russell Sheaffer


    Georden West

    With an eclectic ensemble of queer performers, the film is transdisciplinary in every sense of the word: music, dance, archival footage, tableaux, opera, and performance art are layered in ethereal piece subverting all boundaries. Focusing on an atemporal night in Boston’s oldest gay bar, the film follows employees and others who haunted the space. Weaving together a tapestry of anecdotes across the bar’s existence, from 1937 until 1998.

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    ready_still_3 – tajana kosor

    Ready Ετοιμοι

    Eirini Vianelli

    In the Greek Parliament, politicians, police officers and janitors deal with boredom and antagonistic co-workers. The historic building is weighing them down with its inescapable, rich, Greek history, as they try to navigate their existential anxiety. Power games make tensions rise coercing them to act like children, leaving them feeling left out, sour and bruised. But through an act of kindness, the surroundings disappear. Music will help them become honest, earnest and vulnerable. Music will set them free before it’s too late, hopefully.

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    Sensitive Content

    Narges Kalhor

    Iran, 16 September 2022. Mahsa Amini dies after being beaten by the morality police. Demonstrations follow, bringing together thousands of women severely repressed by the regime. Narges Kahlor explores the videos of these revolts published on social media, paying tribute to these defenders of the people armed with telephones.

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    Smell Of The Ground (1) – Marta Świątek KFF

    Smell of the Ground

    Olivia Rosa

    An adaptation of Sarah Teasdale's poem "There Will Come Soft Rains." A subjective artistic vision of the end of the Anthropocene. It depicts a journey across our planet, starting with microscopic close-ups, continuing with shots of wildlife and slowly approaching civilization. Then we see that our world is gone with the last human being and this is not the end but the beginning of a new one.

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    TMWCU_4 – Lights On

    Solo la luna comprenderá The Moon Will Contain Us

    Kim Torres

    When a magical moon appears in the twilight, a number of time lines intertwine in the village of Manzanillo on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast. The gazes of the young people and the adults combine and clash in a story in which the village is able to exist just as it is: simultaneously beautiful and forgotten, mysterious and monotonous. Like a dream or a memory, combining the documentary style with science fiction, this story conducts a search into the complexities of what it means to grow up in a place like Manzanillo.

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    Lewie Kloster, Noah Kloster

    Film funding often resembles thievery. Assembling your team is a lot like assembling a heist. Those who have made it have had a secret weapon. For Jim Jarmusch, his was Sara Driver. His short was invited to the famed Rotterdam International Film Festival, the perfect shot at securing funding. The only problem: The festival only had the money to fly the director out. Jim was not a planner, he’s more of what you would call an ideas-guy. Sara needed to join him to talk to financiers at the festival.

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    STRATA INCOGNITA 2 – Emanuel Oliveira

    Strata incognita

    Romea Muryn, Francisco Lobo, Amaia Sánchez-Velasco, Jorge Valiente Oriol

    Just a few centimetres under your feet, millions of creatures kill each other, eat each other, fight, reproduce and establish alliances with one another – implementing the myriad processes that recompose death into life while purifying the water you drink, making the air you breathe breathable, and growing 95% of the food you eat. Every time you eat, the substances that compose soils reconstitute into the matter that shapes you. Comissioned for the 18th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia, Spanish Pavilion "Foodscapes" curated by Eduardo Castillo-Vinuesa and Manuel Ocaña.

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    Sweet Lime_still3 – Fatema Abdoolcarim

    Sweet Lime

    Fatema Abdoolcarim

    After Amra and her mother pick up Hawra from the airport, she eavesdrops on the women's intimate conversation while pretending to be asleep in the car. Catapulted into a space between childhood innocence and adult reality, Amra must choose whether to reveal a tragedy she has innocently discovered.

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    TheCurrencySensing1Agbogbloshie_FilmStill-1_©Xizhuang,VGBildkunst,2023_WEB – Gregor Kasper

    The Currency – Sensing 1 Agbogbloshie

    Elom 20ce, Musquiqui Chihying, Gregor Kasper

    A landscape of electronic equipment leftovers, embedded in biting clouds of smoke, burnt earth and dirty water. In Agbogbloshie ―one of the world's largest e-waste recycling sites in the middle of Accra, Ghana― these wastes were dismantled and burnt in order to return their metals to the industrial recycling cycles. In between, an observer who, by means of acoustic field research, investigates this place as a contact zone of complex global economic, social, power-political and technological processes and questions this from a spiritual perspective.

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    1 (1)

    The Miracle

    Nienke Deutz

    The Miracle, a place where the sun always shines, with endless opportunities to relax and food in abundance. It’s late already when Irma checks in at the resort. As she explores the area the next morning, she quickly comes to realise that everything there is designed to facilitate families. Irma fully immerses herself in the world of the all-inclusive resort. But how do you relate to a place that constantly confronts you with the things you don’t have?

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    TVC Press Still 1_LR – Natalie Cubides-Brady

    The Veiled City

    Natalie Cubides-Brady

    The Veiled City is a sci-fi city symphony inspired by London’s Great Smog of 1952. Created from archive footage, the story unfolds through fictional letters from a post-apocalyptic future. The film invites us to understand the smog in the context of the present-day climate emergency and our global destiny.

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    TODOLOCUBRELASAL.00_03_53_12.Imagen fija001 – Joana Moya Blanco

    Todo lo cubre la sal Salt Covers All

    Joana Moya

    Fifty-seven is the number of net-makers working on the Basque Country's coastline, a traditional task the women still carry out as if time had stopped. They weave the nets non-stop with their salty hands, in silence. They form part of the sea and its mystery. A boat in distress breaks up the night, the beam from a lighthouse illuminates the entire scene, a seafarer has been sent off course by the thoughts of water, and hands dance and dance until they melt into the nets.

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    Together Still 1_Final


    William Wrubel

    Disillusioned by the concept of monogamy, Ben and Sophie arrange to have a threesome with a mysterious mutual acquaintance. In Ben’s half-furnished Brooklyn apartment they wait impatiently for the third to arrive. However, as day turns to night, it becomes clear that this acquaintance of theirs may never show up.

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    still VALERIJA_03 – Lorena Morin


    Sara Jurinčič

    On the island where the filmmaker’s grandmother is buried, it is the tradition of women to choose the image that will represent them on their grave after they are gone. As director Sara Jurinčič and her mother travel to this island, we enter a world without men, where female ancestors take center stage. This beautifully crafted film, both playful and serious, takes us on a cinematic odyssey to hear what the ancestors are whispering from their silent portraits.

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    Valley Pride_Standbild002 – sixpackfilm

    Valley Pride

    Lukas Marxt

    Valley Pride represents one of California´s most important regions of industrial agriculture. Corporate agricultural production interests have been able to successfully cultivate and exploit this geological part of the Sonora desert through a gigantic irrigation system fed by the Colorado River, as well as the All-American Canal specifically engineered for this purpose. The system´s run-off flows through pipes, pumps and canals leading to the Salton Sea, an artificial lake that is approaching ecological as well as economic disaster, just as bordering regions of Mexico.

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    Villa Madjo

    Elen Sylla Grollimund

    Starting from the observation that her fatherwho is white—was born in Africa, and that her mother—who is black—was born in Europe, the director reveals the complex history of her family, from Colonialism to their experience of the interracial couple in Europe in the 1950's and 70's.

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    waking up in silence – Still 1

    Waking Up in Silence

    Mila Zhluktenko, Daniel Asadi Faezi

    A former military barracks of the Wehrmacht now serves as a refugee camp for people from Ukraine. This film accompanies the children on their journey, where their own history intertwines with that of the barracks. A moment between past and future, war and silence, departure and arrival, which paints a portrait of German past and present through the eyes of its young protagonists.

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    Welcome Tahiya

    Marta Bayarri

    Anna and Xavi have had Tahiya at home for the last three months, a young woman of Muslim origin whom Anna managed to secretly bring to Barcelona during one of her volunteer work at the border. The situation of the girl is completely illegal. Trying to regularize her situation, Anna collides first with the system and then with her own ethics and morals. In addition, her relationship with Xavi is accusing a situation that inevitably affects her lives. When a terrorist attack takes place very close to their house, it will be inevitable that fears, doubts and misgivings take over them.

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    WDF_1.16.1 – Utopia Sales

    What Doesn’t Float

    Luca Balser

    Seven stories. One city. A disparate group of characters fill out this darkly comedic anthology of New Yorkers at their wits’ end. When the dailiness of urban life is suspended by an unforeseen conflict, each character must make a decision. While the outcomes vary, a unified sense of the city emerges: New York becomes a mirror to the ego, reflecting our true character, while the rest sink to the bottom.

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    Ximinoa The Monkey

    Itziar Leemans

    June finds her first summer job: taking care of Constance, a sensitive little girl who suffers from a lack of affection. The child soon learns to trust her and June gets her hopes up thinking that maybe she can be her nanny for the whole year. But just as her bond with the child grows stronger, she discovers how harsh class differences can be and what rejection can feel like.

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    YPMF_Stills_00001 – 15L Films

    You Play My Father

    Guillermo Roqués, Javier Marín, Rafael Honrubia

    Before an audience of victims in a Bosnian theater, a Srebrenica survivor and a former UN Dutchbat soldier share the stage in a play about the 1995 genocide. It is the final act of their personal catharsis, in search of accountability and forgiveness. It is the culmination of a tense journey through Bosnia-Herzegovina, where fiction, reality and time intersect. Many of those who lost family members stare at the stage waiting for the curtain to open.

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    EURIA_20230525_2 – Tamara Garcia

    Zarata Noise

    Tamara García Iglesias

    Everyone uses. You use. I use. Use people. Do you feel superior? Do you think you don't use? But in reality, people don't exist, people are You. He means you. He uses you. How much does private life affect art? Julen uses people. Marian uses her friend June. Using friends to make a film. Money. Maybe a film is not about art or storytelling, maybe it's just another way of power.

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