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    Views from the Basque Country

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    Raúl Barreras

    Sitting on a hill, Inaxio mourns the death of his wife through a bertso [Basque verse]. His grandson Ekaitz seems to have been invoked by his song and returns to the farmhouse to take care of his grandfather and the animals that provide them food and company. The two, with different visions of the environment, will unite again to face the complications of the future together.

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    Ane Berriotxoa

    Nerea and Martina´s life has not been the same. They have been distancing themselves for a long time. They were best friends but after what happened, they do not know how to behave or what to say to each other. They keep spending time together but their conversation is not the same, they seem like two strangers. One day they decide to go to the beach to spend the day. Loneliness and their inner strength leads them to face their memories and relieve their tension.

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    Ainhoa Urgoitia, Enrique Rey

    Ten years have passed since the creation of the Pabellón Nº6 space. The founders as well as actors and actresses linked to it talk about what the reconversion of an old sawmill into a pole of cultural attraction has meant.

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    Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren

    Rita belongs to a women's choir which is in danger of breaking up because they’ve lost the municipal subsidy that allowed them renting their rehearsal room. Now the group has to decide whether accept or not the sponsorship of one of the companies that pollutes the valley the most.

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    José Fernández de la Sota

    While doing his job as a street sweeper, Juanjo Navas went through the street named after the poet Blas de Otero, one of the great XX Century lyric authors and an emblem of the fight against the Francoist Dictatorship. By chance he discovered his verses and, with the assistance of the Blas de Otero Foundation, he decided to turn them into flamenco. This documentary follows the steps of that encounter between poetry and flamenco in a city, Bilbao, which is scene and catalyst.

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    Nagore Muriel Letamendia

    A year has passed since the death of Ainhoa's father. Since then, mother and daughter live in the farmhouse where they use to live together. As everything around reminds her of her father, Ainhoa will want to leave. Her mother, however, will try to keep her around her. With the excuse of the death of a cow in the farmhouse, the mother will try to prevent Ainhoa from leaving.

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    Tana Garrido Ruiz

    I never met my grandmother, but I live now in what used to be her house: an empty wall, a doorknob, a dripping tap. As I trace the memory of those objects, my mother's voice invokes a cracked past. I film. Inadvertently, a story that was ours no longer belongs to us.

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    Maider Fernández Iriarte

    The Virgin appeared to Sofía. Then she travelled to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes and was cured of something incurable. In another time and another place, a group of doctors meet to discuss her case. What happens when science and religion meet?

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    Amaia Bonachera, Ane Unzalu, Ander del Molino, Gonzalo Ernesto Fernández, Gorka Junkera, Robert McBride

    A robot whose job is to collect mechanical parts from the forest spots a nymph that fascinates and attracts him. Trying to look alike the wood’s creature and get near just to meet her, he starts dressing up with natural elements while a caterpillar decides if the costume is valid or not.

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    Lur Olaizola

    An actress and a filmmaker rehearse a film screenplay. The screenplay includes excerpts from the diary written by María Dolores González Katarain “Yoyes” during her exile in Mexico between 1980 - 1985, after leaving ETA, the armed organisation she used to lead.

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    Iñigo Jimenez Bohoyo

    Rachid lives in an old Factory of Death — as he calls it, in El infierno neighborhood. Nobody really knows why do they call it like that, there are only hypotheses and legends. But Rachid do knows why.

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    still INFLUENCER (1)

    INFLUENCER Nerea Torrijos

    Karen, a young girl obsessed with the influencer of the moment, Kamilah Kay, decides to have surgery to look like her. When she sees that the new Karen is going down so well on social media, she begins to use her savings for more operations. The more closely she resembles Kamilah and the less she resembles herself, her life gets better, until one day something horrible shakes up her new idyllic life.

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    Maider Oleaga

    Izaro and Clara, both 17, work as instructors at a children’s summer camp. On a hot summer’s day, Clara kisses her friend passionately. Izaro, filled with desire, feels confused as she tries to process what has happened to her and is willing to follow wherever Clara wants to take her.

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    Izaro Andres Zelaieta, Ander Merino Etxebeste

    A collection of the challenges and reflections Izaro faced before her May 7th, 2022 concert at Anoeta’s Velodrome. In just five years the young trilingual singer has become the most important singer in the Basque Country. She has overcome many barriers and frontiers as well as achieved amazing success in all her region’s stages. She has collaborated with artists such as Amaral, Zahara, Rozalén, Xoel López, Alex Ferreira and Daymé Arocena, and has played in cities like Paris, Helsinki, Buenos Aires and Mexico City. This documentary follows Izaro’s emotional journey, her reflections on the difference between the personal and public character, peace treaties, fellowship, and the revolution of tenderness and care.

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    Nacho Solana

    Andrea is a young woman with a special profession. When somebody feels paranormal phenomenons at home, she is the only one who can explain them. Nevertheless, on each visit Andrea insists: There are no ghosts, those are echos of someone who was among us once.

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    Copia de NoizkoBasoa still 4 – Mikele Landa


    Mikele Landa Eiguren

    The forest begins once again where the river is reborns constantly and murmurs in a forgotten tongue. The townsfolks work the dry soil to bring to the surface the trees that once habitated Ulla. They recall the landscape they never got to see. ¿Who will habitate the forest when it starts to be one? ¿Can a forest be seeded? ¿Will someone name it? ¿Where does a town begin?

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    Carmen Echeverria

    A hot midsummer night. The young couple, Maia and Txema, finally relaxes after a long day. Suddenly they get anxious because of some screaming. Maia tries to convince her partner that something bad is going on. The evening out then turns into a fight that questions their relationship.

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    TETUÁN – Iratxe Fresneda


    Iratxe Fresneda

    Magnificent landscapes, gorgeous nature and swarming cities laying beyond the sea. The life and tribulations of communities sharing their destiny with the desert: what the camera doesn’t capture live, archival materials provide, blending past and present punctuating them by the rhythm of Iratxe Fresneda's flow of thoughts, through her voice over.

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