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    Ezagutzen ditugun bekain guztiak

    Marta Codesido, Núria Ubach

    Perhaps not all the people in the film are satisfied with their eyebrows, but all of them certainly have something to say. Todas las cejas que conocemos [All the eyebrows we know] features more than 20 people with traumas and anecdotes about their eyebrows. One of them is a woman who lost her eyebrows in a ludicrous accident, and a man whose nervousness leads him to rip them off.

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    Gure gozamena

    Amaia Chocarro

    Jare, 16, concentrates on experiencing the new sensations and feeling her body arouses in her, battling against all the stigmas in her surroundings caused by her disability.

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    Aukera.PDF1.MI REY – 21

    Llueve en casa

    Ana González Telleria

    Two young sisters embark on a search for one of their ancestors lost in her family's memory, although her echoes are now being heard in the present. To track her down, the sisters start off on a journey taking them to the post-war Bilbao of close-knit neighbourhoods and streets heaving with the winds of change ahead. In 1954 two residents of Bilbao's San Francisco district, both called Sara, joined the city's new radio station, Radio Juventud de Vizcaya, and became involved in its radio theatre performances. One of them became a leading name in journalism, while the other was resigned to memory and put away in family albums. The sisters attempt to retrieve the life and times of their ancestor Sara Bustinduy, present in their lives through the family's female legacy. Female lineage, freedom to tell stories and the importance of memory weave a narrative which also portrays them as women and sisters.

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    Mi reina

    Irene Royo

    With the assistance of her faithful carer, a sick bedridden woman believes herself to be the queen during a war in the Middle Ages. Until her doctor arrives with news that will rock her world.

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    Nova Red

    Lau Maquedano

    Nova lives in an industrial world captained by besuited monsters who have censored colour. Everyone has to wear grey suits and grey make-up. Nova does not question the rules, until one day she meets a queer subversive who gives her a red lipstick. She will then embark upon a double life, working in this industrial world, and expressing her gender identity in private through colour. But the more she fills her life with colour, the more difficult it will be for her to submit to the system's rules. Her secret identity will gradually spill over into public spaces. Can Nova survive in this oppressive world?

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    Tick Tack

    Iris Rodríguez

    On the day she graduates, Carolina (26) is desperately looking for something belonging to her sister Amanda (28), who died a year ago, to keep Amanda with her. But, instead of simply finding a thing, she finds her sister. They will both have that last conversation which never took place when Amanda was alive, and which will enable Carolina to accept her loss and get on with her life.

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