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    Ein_Schöner_Ort_02 – Kath Hub

    A Good Place Ein schöner Ort

    Katharina Huber

    The chickens are suspicious, the relationships are dubious and businesses are shady. Margarita and Güte are stuck in their stagnant and unhealthy rural village. But they can‘t decide whether to leave the place or to change it. Meanwhile people are disappearing, the radio is sending messages and the world is awaiting the launch of the space shuttle Columba that will take humans to the edge of the solar system. "But out there is nothing" says someone at the dinner table.

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    1. ASONGSUNGBLUE_24_1.44.1 ©The Seventh Art Pictures

    A Song Sung Blue 小白船

    Zihan Geng

    Liu Xian will always remember the loneliest and bluest of summers when she was 15. After her mother has to go abroad for work, Xian is thrown into the care of her father, a free-spirited photographer, who she has barely seen since her parents’ divorce. He’s struggling financially and is fooling around with his assistant who has an 18-year-old daughter, Mingmei. Soon, Mingmei appears like a ray of shining light to Xian. During this restless summer, the conflict between the innocence and the impulses of youth will leave an indelible mark on Xian…

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    WDF_1.16.1 – Utopia Sales

    What Doesn’t Float

    Luca Balser

    Seven stories. One city. A disparate group of characters fill out this darkly comedic anthology of New Yorkers at their wits’ end. When the dailiness of urban life is suspended by an unforeseen conflict, each character must make a decision. While the outcomes vary, a unified sense of the city emerges: New York becomes a mirror to the ego, reflecting our true character, while the rest sink to the bottom.

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    12 Nov · Auditorio Azkuna
    Captura Azadi (1) – UAB – Máster Documental Creativo


    Lily-Eileen Uxía Baker Föhring, Juan Luis Ortega Navarrete, Luciana Espinoza Hoempler

    Sarah, an Iranian woman banned from her own country, participates from afar in the women's liberation movement. Through phone calls, she speaks with her loved ones and learns about the harsh reality of the conflict in Iran.

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    DT_FRAMES_FEV2023_1.1.4 – Portugal Film

    Dildotectonics Dildotectónica

    Tomás Paula Marques

    In this day and age, Rebeca attempts to create a collection of non-phallic ceramic dildos. During the Inquisition, Josefa finds a dildo that is used in their forbidden love relationship with Maria. Although in different timelines, the paths of Rebeca and Josefa end up crossing each other.

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    Kinderfilm_5 – Alexander Gratzer


    Total Refusal Colective (Adrian Jonas Haim, Robin Klengel, Michael Stumpf)

    It's an ordinary day in the game Grand Theft Auto V. The streets are crowded with cars, people follow their routines, barbecue in their gardens or sunbath on the beach. And yet the game world is marked by a grave absence: a missing future that was suspended out of safety concerns. Unable to name the void, protagonist Edgar follows the traces of what is missing in the algorithm of his reality. Exploring the uncanniness of his normality, he rediscovers a beautiful yet nightmarish world.

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    NOCTURNO_1.3.1 – Portugal Film

    Nocturne for a Forest Nocturno para uma floresta

    Catarina Vasconcelos

    In the 15th century, in Portugal, a group of monks built a wall around a forest and prevented the entry of women. But the hands of the living cannot control everything: in the invisible world, where night reigns and only souls light up the forest, women have built their kingdom of invisibility, without walls.

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    Oliver_the_Giant_still_2 – Máté Dózsa

    Oliver, the Giant Oliver az óriás

    Júlia Lantos

    Oliver, the Giant lives on a little planet. In his perception, the whole world is his playground, where he can do what he wants. While he is living his trivial life, the little humans become preoccupied with another matter of greatest importance: building a sun clock so they can connect with the universe. This fully disturbs Oliver's life. Starting with the growling sound of the universe, the appearance of a big shadow, he recognize his own pettiness.

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    Sweet Lime_still3 – Fatema Abdoolcarim

    Sweet Lime

    Fatema Abdoolcarim

    After Amra and her mother pick up Hawra from the airport, she eavesdrops on the women's intimate conversation while pretending to be asleep in the car. Catapulted into a space between childhood innocence and adult reality, Amra must choose whether to reveal a tragedy she has innocently discovered.

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    TheCurrencySensing1Agbogbloshie_FilmStill-1_©Xizhuang,VGBildkunst,2023_WEB – Gregor Kasper

    The Currency – Sensing 1 Agbogbloshie

    Elom 20ce, Musquiqui Chihying, Gregor Kasper

    A landscape of electronic equipment leftovers, embedded in biting clouds of smoke, burnt earth and dirty water. In Agbogbloshie ―one of the world's largest e-waste recycling sites in the middle of Accra, Ghana― these wastes were dismantled and burnt in order to return their metals to the industrial recycling cycles. In between, an observer who, by means of acoustic field research, investigates this place as a contact zone of complex global economic, social, power-political and technological processes and questions this from a spiritual perspective.

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    Villa Madjo

    Elen Sylla Grollimund

    Starting from the observation that her fatherwho is white—was born in Africa, and that her mother—who is black—was born in Europe, the director reveals the complex history of her family, from Colonialism to their experience of the interracial couple in Europe in the 1950's and 70's.

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    12 Nov · Sala BBK
    4 – Alex García de Bikuña


    Gentzane Martinez de Osaba

    In the heart of the Arratia Valley, 13 youngsters will create a musical inspired by renowned Maurizia Aldeiturriaga, an iconic tambourine player who took Basque popular music by storm in the early 20th century. These young musicians, accompanied by three experts in traditional music and under Maurizia’s ever-present influence, will delve into a unique creative process in which they will grow musically to discover their own voices. This is a musical adventure that reveals the transforming power of music and the beauty of nature and tradition.

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    Arnasa betean, emakume zinegileak A Deep Breath, Women Filmmakers

    Bertha Gaztelumendi, Rosa Zufía

    At last we are starting to hear the voice of women in the cinema industry. We celebrate it with this documentary on the Basque women filmmakers of yesterday and today, giving a global overview of the subject. Three female divers guide us through their films, their points of view, their dreams, their efforts to get somewhere, their contribution to the cinema and to society. We will discover the female pioneers and will be surprised by the work of master women filmmakers and the one of the youngest who are now succeeding in festivals.

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    anselm.-Wim-Wenders – acontrafilms

    Anselm Anselm - Das Rauschen der Zeit

    Wim Wenders

    This unique cinematic experience dives deep into an artist’s work and reveals his life path, inspiration, and creative process. It explores his fascination with myth and history. Past and present are interwoven to diffuse the line between film and painting, allowing the audience to be completely immersed in the remarkable world of one of the greatest contemporary artists, Anselm Kiefer.

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    12 Nov · Sala Bastida

    Black Bach Artsakh

    Ayreen Anastas, Rene Gabri

    Black Bach Artsakh is the name of a world which lives as a film. It re-members events from a place called Artsakh, year 2007. Thirteen years after the 1994 cessation of hostilities in the struggle for self-determination by Nagorno-Karabakh’s Armenian inhabitants. Thirteen years before the 2020 invasion by Azerbaijan’s dictatorship. In September 2023, after a 10 month-blockade and second invasion, Artsakh has been ethnically cleansed of its indigenous Armenians.
    Thus to view this film is not only to inhabit this world, but to keep it alive by keeping watch over it. More than resisting the makers of war or the deniers of genocide, it’s a film which outlives them.

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    still-0-Adamant1 – Maite Robles

    On the Adamant Sur l'Adamant

    Nicholas Philibert

    The Adamant is a unique center: a floating structure located on the Seine in the heart of Paris, it welcomes adults suffering from mental disorders, offering them the type of care that anchors them in time and space and helps them recover or maintain cheer up. The team that runs it tries to resist the deterioration and dehumanization of psychiatry as best it can.

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