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    Iyan Altube, Marcell Erdélyi, Imanol Muro

    The film is a kaleidoscopic portrait of Bilbao; six people who project their pride, their sense of belonging to a mixed, open and effervescent city. Six lives defined by their own rhythm that make the city flourish. This is the cinematic result of the sum of images and emotions. An organic creation of the ‘Bilbao’ concept. Being from Bilbao implies conveying through emotions why Bilbao is a wonderful city in which we live, feel, work, love, share and coexist.
    Technical specifications
    Iyan Altube, Marcell Erdélyi, Imanol Muro
    Iyan Altube, Marcell Erdélyi, Raul Lopez De Gereñu, Elena Moreira, Imanol Muro
    Iyan Altube, Marcell Erdélyi
    Naroa Arrate, Imanol Muro
    Imanol Muro
    Eneko Ajangiz
    Xabi Pourquié, Jatxu Oseguera Moral, Aranzazu Calleja, Unai Madariaga, Maren Aijie Lizartza Ocerin, Mari Mar Carrero
    Raúl López de Gereñu, Elena Moreira
    Panarama Studio