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    Battle of the videos: Scriptwriters vs. Directors

    A video war consists of pitting two artists and/or groups against each other.
    The battle, by way of an audiovisual performance, consists of tossing out stuff from Internet, interesting, cult stuff, priceless and fun, for a bit of a laugh. Both groups comment on the images with an audience.
    On this occasion we will be homing in on the Scriptwriters vs. Directors dichotomy, a here-and-now bone of contention in the industry going back to the very beginnings of the seventh art.
    In this encounter organized by Asociación Caostica and ZINEBI, and fuelled by filmmaker and cultural manager Borja Crespo, scriptwriters Rubén Ontiveros and Diego San José will work out their gripes with directors Paul Urkijo and Koldo Almandoz at Sala BBK.