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    INFLUENCER Nerea Torrijos

    Basque Country, 2022 | 12 min | Fic.
    Karen, a young girl obsessed with the influencer of the moment, Kamilah Kay, decides to have surgery to look like her. When she sees that the new Karen is going down so well on social media, she begins to use her savings for more operations. The more closely she resembles Kamilah and the less she resembles herself, her life gets better, until one day something horrible shakes up her new idyllic life.
    Technical specifications
    Nerea Torrijos, Ainara Mentxaka
    Marino Pardo
    Lander Castro
    Iosu Gonzalez
    Xabi Arratibel
    Edurne Azkarate
    Ikusgarri Films, Ahora Producciones, Epic Films