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    The Sound of the Shaking Earth O som da terra a tremer

    Rita Azevedo Gomes

    Portugal, 1990 | 94 min | Fic
    Alberto, a writer paralysed by indecision, constantly abandons his works. He feigns a journey, relocating within his house to spy on friends' reactions. His own tale merges with a sailor's adventures in a foreign port, blurring reality and fiction. Ultimately, he's consumed by his narrative, becoming a universal outcast. In a way, this is a story about impossible returns.

    * presented by Celia Barrionuevo and Rita Azevedo Gomes
    Technical specifications
    Rita Azevedo Gomes
    Rita Azevedo Gomes
    Acácio de Almeida
    Manuela Viegas
    Vasco Pimentel, Gita, Paulo Cerveira, Quintino Bastos, Vitor Ribeiro, Francisco Veloso, João Pedro Pinto, Hugo Leitão
    Miguel Simão, Jean-Pierre Tailhade, Duarte de Almeida, Conceição Guerra
    José Mazeda
    Basilisco Filmes