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    Welcome Tahiya

    Marta Bayarri

    Spain, 2023 | 14 min | Fic.
    Anna and Xavi have had Tahiya at home for the last three months, a young woman of Muslim origin whom Anna managed to secretly bring to Barcelona during one of her volunteer work at the border. The situation of the girl is completely illegal. Trying to regularize her situation, Anna collides first with the system and then with her own ethics and morals. In addition, her relationship with Xavi is accusing a situation that inevitably affects her lives. When a terrorist attack takes place very close to their house, it will be inevitable that fears, doubts and misgivings take over them.
    Technical specifications
    Marta Bayarri
    Marta Bayarri
    Josep Pardo
    Domi Parra
    Cristina Ramos
    Carles Prats
    David Crespo
    Iria del Río, Oriol Ruiz, Miriam Moukhles
    Oriol Ruiz
    Momotrup Films
    Momotrup Films