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    Jonatan Schwenk

    Germany, 2022 | 4 min | Ani.
    In the dark swamps of a nocturnal forest, a group of gleaming axolotls is in heat, nuzzling and nibbling one another’s limbs. Soon a much larger, two-legged forest-dweller encounters the lustful group and reaches down to gobble one of the small shimmering creatures. His plump friends begin to partake as well and a feast begins. While dawn is slowly breaking, a cheerful game begins higher up in the branches.
    Technical specifications
    Jonatan Schwenk
    Jonatan Schwenk, Merlin Flügel
    Jonatan Schwenk
    David Kamp
    Thalke Thyen, Max Mörtl, Maria Teixeira, Merlin Flügel, Carolina Iglesias, Jonatan Schwenk, Ramona Lüdemann; Jonatan Schwenk; Marta Magnuska; Anne
    Jonatan Schwenk
    Miyu Distribution