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    Ballenas aplastadas por el hielo Ice Crushed Whales

    Andrea Jaurrieta

    Basque Country, 2023 | 29 min | Doc.
    Year 2015. 7 years after the 2008's global economy collapse, five friends—almost in their thirties, still have to work in all kind of precarious jobs, live in infamous apartments or even move back in with their parents, while trying to create a theatre play. Another 7 years later and at the gates of a new crisis—or immersed in a crisis that never ends—the images of that precariousness and those illusions have become something poetic, specular reflections of our present.
    Technical specifications
    Andrea Jaurrieta
    Andrea Jaurrieta
    Andrea Jaurrieta, Jorge Roig, Carlos G. Fernández
    Andrea Jaurrieta
    Ana G. Fernández
    Iván Artiles, Andrea Jaurrieta, Iván Luis, Irene Ruiz, Juan Vinuesa