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    Dena asmatuta dago Everything Is Invented

    Jone Arriola Lobete

    Basque Country, 2023 | 14 min | Fic.
    A pink old-aesthetic bathroom. In the middle of it stands a bathtub where two young men relax while smoking a joint. As the joint takes effect, they begin to philosophise about the origin and creation of the elements, until the conversation turns in to more personal topics.
    Technical specifications
    Jone Arriola Lobete
    Jone Arriola Lobete
    Andrea Martínez Gómez
    Xanti Agirrezabala, Jon Ander Urresti
    Itxaso Frau Terradillos, Ana Angulo Umaran, Facundo Quevedo, David Pedrosa
    Katz Estudio, ECPV - Escuela de Cine del País Vasco
    YAQ Distribución