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    Dildotectonics Dildotectónica

    Tomás Paula Marques

    Portugal, 2023 | 16 min | Doc. - Fic.
    In this day and age, Rebeca attempts to create a collection of non-phallic ceramic dildos. During the Inquisition, Josefa finds a dildo that is used in their forbidden love relationship with Maria. Although in different timelines, the paths of Rebeca and Josefa end up crossing each other.
    Technical specifications
    Tomás Paula Marques
    Rebeca Letras, Tomás Paula Marques
    Tomás Paula Marques
    Jorge Jácome
    Marcelo Tavares
    Maria Inês Gonçalves, Rodrigo Vaiapraia
    Rebeca Letras, Inês Pinheiro Torres, Maria João Calisto, João Abreu
    Tomás Paula Marques
    Portugal Film - Portuguese Film Agency