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    La estafa del amor Romance Scam

    Virginia García del Pino

    Spain, 2023 | 73 min | Doc.
    We invited a group of people to a reading of the script of a movie about a man who romanced women in order to swindle them. As the reading progressed, people began to dig into their own stories. The whole thing was recorded live. The result is a shared reflection on the ideal of romantic love and the extraordinary (and not necessarily positive) influence it has on men and women.
    Technical specifications
    Virginia García del Pino
    Giuseppe Truppi
    Ariadna Ribas
    Luis Ortega, Laura Gantes
    Maite Arroitajauregi Aranburu (Mursego)
    Lucía Lijtmaer, Jordi Roca i Girona, Josep Maria Esquirol, Antonio Agustín García
    Mario Madueño, Jorge Caballero, Fernando Franco
    Pantalla Partida, Artefacto, Ferdydurke