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    LIKE A FISH ON THE MOON زن، مرد، بچه

    Dornaz Hajiha

    Iran | 2022 | 78 min | Fic.
    Haleh is a very protective mother, who easily spoils her 4 years-old boy, Ilya. When one day the boy stops talking, Haleh and her husband Amir start searching for the reason and the remedy for this sudden mutism. The more they try to talk to the boy or consult experts, the worst things are becoming in the couple and the family.
    Technical specifications
    Dornaz Hajiha
    Dornaz Hajiha
    Alireza Barazande
    Ashkan Mehri
    Vahid Moghadasi
    Sepidar Tari, Shahdiyar Shakiba, Ali Ahmadi
    Ehsan Rasoulof