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    Malkoak Tears

    Sonia Estévez Fernández

    Basque Country, 2023 | 5 min | Ani.
    A tear from a child, Malko, tells us that it does not always come out equally from the eyes of the child to which it belongs. Depending on the reason that causes the child's crying, the tear has a different appearance, in particular, she dresses differently. The child likes its tears on all occasions and the tear likes all its forms.
    Technical specifications
    Sonia Estévez Fernández
    Javier Fernández Landaluce, Sonia Estévez Fernández, Arantza Cordero Nuñez
    Yohanna Baena
    Gaizka Bertol
    Martín Guridi
    Koldo Uriarte
    Sonia Estévez Fernández
    Sonia Estévez Fernández
    Tik Tak Film Studio Koop. Elk.Txikia
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