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    Entre las sombras arden mundos Worlds Burning Amid the Shadows

    Ismael García Ramírez

    Colombia, 2022 | 19 min | Fic
    Ramona, a woman who has just left home, wanders into a distant neighborhood of high-rise buildings and lush weeds. There she is reunited with her son, and in search of shelter, she takes refuge in him and the friends who accompany her. The woman spends the night with the group of perspiring youths, inhabiting the darkness in packs, summoning fires of joy and protection.
    Technical specifications
    Ismael García Ramírez
    Ismael García Ramírez
    David Correa Franco
    Tiagx Vélez
    Daniel Rincón
    Juan Pablo Patiño, Eloisa Arcila, Deimer Quintero Vertel, Abel Villa
    María Eugenia Grajales Correa, Samuel Atehortúa, Camilo Machado, Manuel Cardona, Daniel Lynch
    Juliana Zuluaga Montoya
    Crisálida Cine