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    Girls Le fenne

    Giulia Di Maggio

    Italy, 2023 | 15 min | Fic.
    At 10 years old, Clarissa already feels grown up, but she soon discovers she’s still missing something to be considered a woman. So begins Clarissa’s intimate, turbulent journey as she tries to uncover the secret the women in her village are hiding. But only after losing herself does Clarissa discover what it really means to become an adult.
    Technical specifications
    Giulia Di Maggio
    Giulia Di Maggio, Saverio Cappiello
    Giulia Di Maggio
    Saverio Cappiello
    Saverio Cappiello, Riccardo Gruppuso
    Clarissa Girardi, Marilù Carosielli, Viola Giarnieri
    Saverio Cappiello, Marco Gernone, Nicolò Accettura
    Intervallo Film
    Gorrilla Distribution