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    Margarethe 89

    Lucas Malbrun

    France, 2023 | 18 min | Ani.
    Leipzig, 1989. Margarethe, a young punk opposed to the East German regime, is detained in a psychiatric hospital. She dreams of breaking out to join the man she loves - a punk musician named Heinrich. Though the regime's days may well be numbered, the Stasi informants are more present than ever.
    Technical specifications
    Lucas Malbrun
    Lucas Malbrun, Marie Larrivé
    Clara Saunier, Vincent Tricon
    Marie Larrivé, Marie Merigot, Rosalie Loncin
    Elodie Thevenin, Quentin Romanet
    Mael Oudin
    Morgan Curt, Hippolyte Cupillard, Jean-Baptiste Peltier, Charlie Belin, Jonas Schloesing, Daria Skripka, Yehor Bondarenko, Angelina Dorozhinskaia
    (voice) Anna Hedderich, Franz Liebig, Lucas Prisor, Jochen Hägele, Romane Meutelet, Verena Walden