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    Pizti bat agian Somewhat Wild

    Ainhoa Gutiérrez del Pozo, Olatz González Abrisketa

    Basque Country, 2023 | 68 min | Doc.
    A shot breaks the dusk. Hunters with GPS screens follow their dogs into the forest, and the night catches up with them. Elsewhere, Maina counts her sheep daily. The wolf has been sighted nearby. Adam, fascinated by this apparition, goes out to look for it with his camera, taking advantage of the full moon. Everyone relates to the animal in their own way, but they agree on one thing: they all want to see without being seen.
    Technical specifications
    Ainhoa Gutiérrez del Pozo, Olatz González Abrisketa
    Ainhoa Gutiérrez del Pozo
    Ainhoa Gutiérrez del Pozo
    Pilar Monsell
    Adriana Rolloso Hermosa, Olatz González Abrisketa
    Verde Prato
    Ritxi Lizartza; María Vallejo
    Maluta* Films; Azaroa Films