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    Reinas sin reino Queens without Kingdom

    Mikel R. Alonso

    Basque Country, 2023 | 15 min | Fic.
    The life of the young couple formed by Mia and Claudia is about to change, but when everything seems to be going as planned, a single moment will change everything.
    Technical specifications
    Mikel R. Alonso
    Mikel R. Alonso
    Ernesto Báez
    Mikel R. Alonso, Ainara López, Joseba Hernández Urquidi
    Adriana Rolloso
    Pablo Asensi
    Sélam Ortega, Olatz López Díaz
    David Pedrosa Morales, Diego H. Kataryniuk Di Costanzo, Mikel R. Alonso
    ECPV - Escuela de Cine del País Vasco
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