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    Manolo Kabezabolo (Si todavía te kedan dientes es ke no estuviste ahí)

    José Alberto Andrés Lacasta

    Spain, 2023 | 92 min | Doc.
    Manuel Méndez "Manolo Kabezabolo" is the last punk musician who has transcended space and time becoming a counter-cultural phenomenon with more than 40 years of artistic career, and a referent character of the undeground. His difficult and hilarious youth made him take the leap into squatting philosophy, insumision, the street, the punk’ life style... and also drugs, mental illness and psychiatrits. In spite of everything, his state of serene maturity and his unbribable, combative, uncritical spirit are still intact and with his guitar sharpened.
    Technical specifications
    José Alberto Andrés Lacasta
    José Alberto Andrés Lacasta
    Jorge Yetano
    Daniel Peña (Mubox)
    Manuel Méndez Lozano, Naiel Ibarrola
    Naiel Ibarrola
    Manuel Méndez Lozano, Kutxi Romero, Evaristo Páramos, Cristina Morales, Albert Pla, Kike Babas, Kike Turrón, Pilar Albiac, Rakel Winchester, Jaume Esteve, Rafa Trigos
    José Alberto Andrés Lacasta
    Du Cardelin Studio
    Syldavia Cinema