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    Georden West

    USA - United Kingdom, 2023 | 72 min | Doc.
    With an eclectic ensemble of queer performers, the film is transdisciplinary in every sense of the word: music, dance, archival footage, tableaux, opera, and performance art are layered in ethereal piece subverting all boundaries. Focusing on an atemporal night in Boston’s oldest gay bar, the film follows employees and others who haunted the space. Weaving together a tapestry of anecdotes across the bar’s existence, from 1937 until 1998.
    Technical specifications
    Georden West
    Georden West
    Jo Jo Lam
    Georden West, Russell Sheaffer
    Kristen Dempsey
    Kal Pipal
    Aaron Michael Smith
    James Jeffers
    Russell Sheaffer, Hannah McSwiggen, Danielle Cooper
    Artless Media, Public School Pictures, Stars Collective, Phoeix Rising, SHOWstudio