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    A Good Place Ein schöner Ort

    Katharina Huber

    Germany, 2023 | 108 min | Fic.
    The chickens are suspicious, the relationships are dubious and businesses are shady. Margarita and Güte are stuck in their stagnant and unhealthy rural village. But they can‘t decide whether to leave the place or to change it. Meanwhile people are disappearing, the radio is sending messages and the world is awaiting the launch of the space shuttle Columba that will take humans to the edge of the solar system. "But out there is nothing" says someone at the dinner table.
    Technical specifications
    Katharina Huber
    Katharina Huber
    Jesse Mazuch, Carmen Rivadeneira
    Katharina Huber
    Mayte Hellenthal, Nik Hellenthal
    Michał Krajczok
    Chris Pitsiokos, Federico Perotti
    Céline de Gennaro, Clara Schwinning, Jannik Mioducki, Julian Sark, Andreas Schneiders, Maria Lorenzen, Jamal Albashaan, Meryem Erkus, Voodoo Jürgens
    Katharina Huber
    Acker Film